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Delete your Status profile

Status uses a peer-to-peer network that temporarily stores your profile information and data. Because of this decentralized network, there is no one-click way to delete your profile and all associated data.

What to expect

  • If you decide to stop using a profile, you can leave it inactive for 30 days or more. By doing so, the Status peer-to-peer network stops caching your information and the profile is irretrievably lost. You can always create a new Status profile.
  • Though your profile is lost, your wallet funds are not. Your wallet funds are safe and available if you know your recovery phrase.
  • The messages you sent are still accessible to the recipients, whether they are direct messages or messages in a group chat or community.
  • People still can see all information you display on your profile screen. For example, your profile name, photo, bio and linked social media.

Delete your Status Profile

Here are things you can do if you want to stop using a profile: