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Understand token requirements in communities

In Status, there are two kinds of communities: public and private. If you want to join a private community, you need to meet the token requirements set by the community owner. To maintain access to a private community, hold the necessary tokens at all times.

For example, a community owner can set up owning 10 SNT as a requirement to join their community. In that case, you need a minimum of 10 SNT in your Status Wallet to join that community.

There are three kinds of tokens in the Status app: assets, collectibles and ENS (Ethereum Name Service) names. Community owners can set up any combination of these tokens as a requirement to join their communities.


When you join a private community, the token or tokens required to join are not transferred to anyone. They are used for verification purposes only, and they remain in your possession and wallet.

If you meet the requirements

Before you join a private community, the Status app automatically checks if you meet the community requirements. If you meet the requirements, the option to join the community is available.


If the community owner has set manual approval option for their community, you still need the owner's approval to join.

If you don't meet the token requirements

If the request button is greyed out and unavailable, it means that you don't meet the token requirements to join a community in the Status app. To apply to join the community, you need to have the required amount of tokens. To buy the required tokens, read Buy crypto.