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Set up channel permissions

Currently, you can only set up channel permissions using Status desktop.

Community owners can set up permissions using three different variables: Who holds, Is allowed to and In. For each one of them, follow the same procedure and use the table below as a reference.

What to expect

  • Using channel permissions, community owners can restrict channel access and actions to specific people based on token requirements.
  • Only the community owner can set up channel permissions.
  • Use community permissions to make the entire community private. You can combine community-level and channel-level permission in the same community.
  • When you delete a private channel, the channel permissions are lost. If you recreate the channel, you need to set up its permission again.

Set up channel permission

  1. If you're not in the New permissions screen, click Community > Settings > Permissions.
  2. For the Who holds, Is allowed to and In variables, click Add next to the variable and choose your values. Use the table below for reference.
  3. Optionally, check Hide permission to hide this permission from members who don't meet the requirements.
  4. Click Create permission.
Variable Description Options
Who holds The tokens and amounts (for assets and collectibles) someone needs to hold. Assets, Collectibles, ENS
Is allowed to The level of access or role that you assign to someone. Become admin, Become member, Moderate.
In The channel this permission applies to. Channel