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Set up a token-gated community

Currently, you can only set up token-gated communities using Status desktop.

By default, a new Status Community is open and available for everyone to join. As a community owner, you can use token-based permissions to create a token-gated community.

Only people holding the tokens the token-gated community requires can join and participate. For instance, you can configure a token-based permission that requires members to hold a certain amount of DAI and ETH tokens to join. Or, you can restrict access to users in a particular ENS domain, such as acme.eth.


In addition to tokens, community owners can require manual approval to join their communities. Token-based permissions and manual approval work independently.

Token requirements can be useful to ensure that your community members have a certain level of commitment or interest in the topic of the community. If you run an organization with an ENS domain, you can also set up a token-gated community for holders of your ENS domain only (for example, alice.acme.eth or bob.acme.eth).

What to expect

  • Use the Become member token-based permission to set up a token-gated community.
  • You can set up token-based permissions with existing tokens or tokens you have minted and distributed via airdrops.
  • In a token-gated community, members must always meet and keep the token requirements. Community members not holding the required tokens lose access to the community automatically.
  • Use channel permissions to make one or more channels token-gated while keeping your community open.
  • To transform a token-gated community into an open one, delete the Become member token-based permissions.

Set up a token-gated community

Community owners customize permissions using three variables: Who holds, Is allowed to and In.

  1. From the navigation sidebar, click your community.
  2. On top of the channel sidebar, click your community logo and then, click Permissions.
  3. Click Add permission.
  4. For the Who holds variable, select the tokens and amounts (for assets and collectibles) members must hold to join your community. You can combine up to five assets, collectibles or ENS names.
  5. For the Is allowed to variable, select Become member.
  6. For the In variable, make sure your community is selected.
  7. Click Create permission. The new permission takes effect immediately.


Tokens are linked by AND operators. This means access is granted when the holder owns all the tokens. If you want to use the OR operator instead, create additional permissions with different Who holds values. You can create a maximum of five different Become member permissions.