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Kick or ban someone from your community

Community owners can kick out or ban members who violate the community guidelines or behave in a toxic manner. The difference between a kick and a ban in Status Communities is that a kick is temporary, while a ban is permanent. Community owners can kick or ban members in open and token-gated communities.

In the case of minor offences or annoyances, consider kicking the offender. For major violations of the community guidelines or repeated offences, you can use the ban option. Use the ban option cautiously, as this action is irreversible.


Banning or kicking a user on your Status contact list doesn't remove the contact. If you want to remove the user from your contact list, remove the contact or [block the user][block-someone-in-status].

What to expect

  • A user who has been kicked out of a community can ask to join the community again.
  • A user who has been banned from a community cannot join the community again, but can request to join using a different profile.
  • Users receive a notification when they are kicked out but not when they are banned.
  • Users can see they have been kicked out or banned when they try to reaccess the community.

Kick or ban someone

  1. From the tab bar, tap Communities.
  2. Tap your community.
  3. From the navigation bar, tap More options.
  4. Tap View members and then, tap More options next to the member you want to kick or ban.
  5. Select Kick or Ban, depending on the action you wish to perform.
  6. Tap Kick or Ban again to confirm your action.
  1. From the navigation sidebar, click your community.
  2. At the top of the channel sidebar, click your community logo.
  3. Click Members to show all the community users.
  4. Hover over the user and select Kick or Ban, depending on the action you wish to perform.
  5. Click Kick or Ban again to confirm your action.