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Delete your Status Community

Currently, you can only delete your community using Status desktop.

Status uses a peer-to-peer network that temporarily stores data of your community. Because of this decentralized architecture, there is no one-click way to delete a community and all associated data.

What to expect

  • For a community to disappear, you must remove everyone from the community, including yourself, and make sure no activity happens for 30 days.
  • Community data recorded on the blockchain continues to exist. For example, if you minted tokens for your community, the transaction is on-chain and persists in the blockchain.


Your messages are not in the blockchain and are not transported through the Ethereum network. Messages are temporarily stored in the peer-to-peer network.

Delete your Status Community

You must complete the following tasks:

After 30 days, the Waku peer-to-peer network stops caching your community data, and the community is deleted irrecoverably.