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Delete a channel

Currently, you can only delete a channel using Status desktop.

Community owners can delete channels within their communities. As a community owner, when you delete a channel, all messages and files associated with that channel are also deleted.


Once you delete a channel, it can't be retrieved or restored.

What to expect

  • You can only delete a channel if you are the community owner.

  • When you delete a channel, it disappears immediately, and all users lose access to its content (messages and files).

  • If you delete a token-gated channel, the permissions you configured for the channel are also lost. If you want to recreate the channel, you need to configure its permissions again.

  1. From the navigation sidebar, click the community with the channel you want to delete.
  2. In the Community sidebar, right-click the channel.
  3. Select Delete Channel.
  4. In the Delete pop-up window, click Delete.