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Delegate admin functions to community members

Currently, you can only delegate admin functions using Status desktop. Download Status desktop.

Community owners have total control over their communities, including settings, membership approvals and permissions. In addition, owners can delegate administrative functions to other community members through the admin role. Admins play a similar role to owners, but with some important differences. Check out Permissions by role in Status Communities for more information.

To delegate admin functions to others, owners use token-based community permissions. Tokens are digital assets in a blockchain (such as the Ethereum blockchain), including assets (virtual coins), collectibles and ENS names.

What to expect

  • To delegate admin functions, assign the Become admin community permission to a collectible or ENS name owner.
  • Using ENS names to delegate admin functions is more straightforward than using collectibles, but it requires the admin to own the ENS name.
  • You can create a maximum of five different Become admin community-level permissions, but you can apply a single permission to multiple members.
  • To stop delegating admin functions, self-destruct the admin token or delete the admin permission.

Choose your delegation token

You can delegate admin functions to others using a collectible or an ENS name.

If you use a collectible, follow this process:

Using ENS names, you don't need to mint and airdrop any token. You delegate admin functions to a specific ENS name owner (such as alice.acme.eth) or a group of people under the same ENS domain (such as acme.eth).


Assets don't have the non-transferable (soulbound) and self-destructing properties collectibles have, making it harder to remove admin functions from other users. Avoid using assets to delegate admin functions.

Delegate admin functions using collectibles or ENS names

  1. From the navigation sidebar, click your community.
  2. On top of the channel sidebar, click your community logo and then, click Permissions.
  3. Click Add permission.
  4. For the Who holds variable, choose your delegation option and use the table below for reference.
  5. For the Is allowed to variable, select Become admin.
  6. For the In variable, make sure your community is selected.
  7. Click Create permission. The new permission takes effect immediately.
Delegation option Steps
Collectible 1. Select Collectibles.
2. Choose the collectible and amount you want to use to delegate admin functions.
3. Alternatively, Import existing collectible.
4. Click Add.
ENS name 1. Select ENS.
2. Enter the ENS name or domain you want to delegate admin functions to.
3. Click Add.


When you select the Become admin role, the Hide permission option is enabled automatically.