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Create a channel

Currently, you can only create a channel using Status desktop.

Community owners can create open and token-gated channels in the Status app. All community members can browse and join open channels. To join token-gated channels, members must meet the channel requirements. As a community owner, you can set up specific permissions to create a token-gated channel.

Create a channel

  1. From the navigation sidebar, click the community where you want to create a channel.
  2. In the Community sidebar, right-click the empty space and select Create Channel.
  3. Type your Channel name. Optionally, click Emoji to choose an emoji.
  4. Optionally, choose a Channel colour and add a Description of your channel.
  5. Click Create Channel.

If you need to set up additional permissions, click Add permissions and check out configure channel permissions. For example, you can create a view-only announcement channel or a channel all members can view and post in.