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About losing access to a community

You can lose your Status Community membership for different reasons. For example, a token-gated community can change the token requirements to join, or your behaviour breaks the community rules.

The community owner can permanently ban your account if you break the community rules. Respect the community rules and members, and don't spam people or promote scams or deceptive practices.

The basics

  • If you lose access to a community, you must request to join the community again.
  • For token-gated communities, you should hold the token requirements at all times.
  • When you lose access to a community, it does show up under the Joined tab on your Communities page.
  • In the notifications centre, your Membership notifications show when you have lost access to a community. You don't receive a notification when you're banned from a community.


Community owners control who has access to their communities. Status can't kick you out or ban you from a community. Likewise, Status can't grant you access to a community or override the community owner's actions.

Reasons you can lose access to a community

There are four reasons:

Reason Description Scope
Kick The community owner has kicked you out of the community. Open and token-gated communities
Ban The community owner has permanently banned you from the community. You can't request to join the community again. Open and token-gated communities
Token requirements change The token requirements to access the community have changed and your tokens do not longer satisfy these requirements. Open the community page to review the new token requirements. Token-gated communities
Your tokens change Your tokens or token amounts have changed and you don't longer satisfy the community requirements. Open the community page to verify your eligibility. Token-gated communities


Community owners can lose access to their community if they have to restore the profile on a different device and don't [back up the community key][backup-your-community-key].