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Send an audio message

You can send an audio message in Status to communicate with your contacts. You can use audio messages to share ideas and updates. Anyone in a channel, group chat or direct message (DM) can play and send audio messages.

You can record an audio message up to one minute long and send as many audio messages as you want.


Deleting an audio message in Status works as deleting any other message. Check out [Edit and delete your messages][delete-your-messages] for more information.

Record and send an audio message

  1. From the tab bar, tap  Communities to send an audio message in a channel, or tap   Messages to send an audio message in a group chat or DM.
  2. Long press  Audio to start recording automatically.
  3. Optionally, whenever you want to send a long message, slide to Lock for hands-free recording.
  4. When you’re finished, slide to send to stop recording and send the message or to Delete to discard the message.
  1. From the navigation sidebar, click Community or Chat where you wish to send an audio message.
  2. In the channel, group chat or DM message field, click Audio to start recording.
  3. When you’re finished, click Send.