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Format your messages

The formatting options are not available on Status Web.

You can format text inside your messages to clarify or emphasize information. Formatting can make your communication more effective, especially for long messages.

In Status, you format your messages using the formatting toolbar or markup by surrounding the text with special characters.

Formatting toolbar

To format your text using the formatting toolbar, select the text and choose the desired formatting option. You can also format a message you've already sent by editing the message. The formatting toolbar is only available on Status desktop.

Select and format your text using the formatting toolbar.


When you press Enter in Status desktop, your message is sent. If you want to start a new line, press Shift+Enter


You can use markup options to format your text in the Status desktop and mobile apps.

Format Markup Example Result
bold Surround your text with double asterisks. **your message** your message
italic Surround your text with single asterisks or underscores. *your message*
_your message_
your message
strikethrough Surround your text with double tildes. ~~your message~~ your message
quoted text Add a greater-than sign in front of your text. > your quoted message
your quoted message
code Surround your text with backticks. `your code` your code
code block Add three backticks before and after the code block. ```your code
your code