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Create a group chat

Group chats are conversations of more than two people. To invite someone to a group chat, you need to have them on your Status contact list.

Group chats are different to communities, as they're meant to unite smaller groups of people or be centred around specific topics. For more information about group chats, see Understand group chats.

What to expect

  • You can invite up to 20 members to your group chat. If you need more, consider creating a community.
  • Once you create your group chat, you can customize it and add members, as well as remove them.
  • Group chats are always end-to-end encrypted with secure cryptographic keys. Only the group chat members will have access to the messages in it. Status doesn't have the keys and can't access any messages by design.

Create a group chat

  1. From the tab bar, tap Messages.
  2. Tap Plus.
  3. Select New chat.
  4. Check the boxes next to the contacts you want to invite to your chat. Tap Setup group chat.
  5. Choose a name and highlight colour for your group chat. All members will be able to see both the name and the colour. Once you're finished, tap Create group chat.
  1. From the navigation sidebar, click Chat.
  2. Click Start chat.
  3. From your contact list, select those you want to add to this group chat.
  4. Optionally, type a message in the Message text field to start the group chat with. You can also leave it blank.
  5. Click Confirm or press Enter to create your group chat.